Why Your Business Should be on Facebook

Businesses are identifying the importance of having a strong presence on social media. But, if you are still not convinced that your business should be on Facebook, here are some reasons why;

1. Large Audience

Facebook still remains the most popular social media network with a user base of 1.49 billion worldwide and 22 billion clicks per year. So, Facebook can give you a greater chance of reaching your target audience more than any other social media network or traditional advertising channels like television.

The access to such a large audience will help your business to understand various needs of different customers and offer products and services that suit their needs. While customers expect to receive information about your products and services through your Facebook page, you can gather information about them too.

Facebook Insights will help you to understand consumer behavior through analyzing their posts, likes, comments and other interactions on Facebook. Be sure to buy Facebook post likes right now so that you can look more trustable to potential clients. You can also see how many people have visited your page, how many pages likes you have, how many people your post has reached and so much more. This will help your business to have a more market-oriented approach.

2. Target specific customers

Reaching the exact group of target customers is vital for any marketing strategy; especially in businesses which do not cater to the mass market. If you’re wondering how to channel your marketing towards your target market, Facebook has got the right tools for you. It will allow you to improve your advertising in many ways. For instance, “boosting” a post will allow you to display your advertisements to customers in the geographical area where your business is located. Another example is, if your business is selling football equipment, Facebook will help you to identify and advertise to users who have shown an interest in football through their interactions.

3. Build a community

Facebook can help to “humanize” or bring you closer to your customers on a personal level. It is a perfect place to create a platform for users and creators of products and services to share their feedback, concerns, ideas, and questions. This will help you to bring your business and customers closer together, develop a loyal customer base and provide customer support.

There are many ways to which a Facebook page can help to create a community. You can arrange contests and promotions which increases customer engagement on your business’s Facebook page. For instance, business Facebook pages often create contests that require users to share a post made by the page, which increases the circulation of the post as well as helps you to increase customer engagement on your page.

4. To keep up with your competition

All businesses, whether big or small, are now increasingly creating a Facebook presence. Currently, Facebook has nearly 40 million small business pages. So, if you also don’t follow this trend, you might fall behind your competitors because they may be reaching your customers in ways that you’re not. This can lead competitors snatching customers from you which is bad for your business.

5. Low expense

Despite its popularity and all the benefits it offers, Facebook still remains to be one of the cheapest channels of marketing. It doesn’t cost you anything to start a Facebook page and start engaging with your customers. Also, Facebook ads are much cheaper compared to more traditional methods of advertising such as TV or newspapers and are thousands of times more targeted. You can start boosting your posts on Facebook for as little as $1. This makes Facebook an ideal marketing platform for small businesses to large multinational corporations alike.