Why you need R22 Refrigerant


To make our homes and offices more comfortable, we use air conditioning (AC) systems. They keep us cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. These systems require various components to work properly. One of these is R22 refrigerant. Also known as Freon 22, it is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) which keeps your home or office cool in the warm season. Available as a fluid, R22 boils at -40.8 degrees Celsius. As such, it has a very low boiling point that makes it ideal for this purpose. This is one of the many reasons why you need this component in your air conditioning system. Read on to learn more about why you need R22 REFRIGERANT at http://www.bluonenergy.com/freon-replacement/.

Reasons why R22 refrigerant is good for your air conditioning (AC) system

– It is safe and versatile

R22 refrigerant is not flammable and also not toxic. For these reasons, it is safe for use. You can handle it to fill up a brand new air conditioning system. It can also be added to top off an existing one with no risks involved.

This refrigerant can be used in a variety of air conditioning (AC) systems. It is fully compatible with packaged, window and split AC systems. You are most likely using one of these types of AC systems. Therefore, you can add some R22 refrigerant to yours with no risk of destroying the equipment.

– It keeps your AC system cool

This refrigerant has a very high discharge temperature. As such, the chances that a superheat will occur in an AC system using this fluid is minimal. This ensures that you are safe and also increases the lifespan of your system.

– R22 absorbs water readily

This refrigerant is capable of absorbing moisture quite quickly. It can actively perform as a dehumidifier. As such, it provides a double-edged solution when conditioning the air in your house. Moreover, the ability to
readily absorb water makes R22 increase the efficiency of your AC system in low temperature seasons. Furthermore, the refrigerant keeps your system free of moisture hence preventing any damage or malfunction.

– It is compatible with legacy systems

Developed nations are gradually phasing out R22 to replace it with alternative refrigerants such as R-507 and R-407c. Despite this effort, R22 is still highly effective when used in old AC systems. It is also applicable in
dry-charge AC units. This compatibility makes the fluid versatile and compatible with legacy AC systems.

– It has a low compression displacement

One of the technical aspects of an air conditioning (AC) system is the compressor displacement. It determines the cooling effect of the system. The higher it is, the more efficient the AC system will be. R22 is
able to provide a higher compressor displacement with less fluid. As a result, this refrigerant boosts the cooling ability of your system. It also reduces the amount of power that your AC consumes. This saves you money in utility bills.


From the reasons above about Why you need R22 REFRIGERANT, it is clear that this fluid is good for your AC system. Not only does it boost the efficiency of your system, it reduces the cost of operation and increases
its life span. From all the varieties available in the market, R22 is the refrigerant to pick.