Why should you get your FPGA board from a supplier?

Photo: Jonas Svidras @ STEP.CAMERA

An FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) is a device that, after having a configuration created by the user or de designer, makes it possible for anyone to create digital circuits. The question that gathers us today is
why we should get it from a supplier if we can make it ourselves. If you do want a product you can use as soon as you receive it, at the same time you avoid some big problems, pay attention to the following reasons since they can make you save time, money and quite a few headaches.

Reasons to get your FPGA from a supplier

Price reduction: the price of an FPGA has been significantly reduced, so you can have the best quality product from a formal supplier without having to spend a fortune. Apart from that, it’s quite expensive to manufacture such a product at home since you will need expansion connectors and other devices that are really costly.

Compatibility errors: you may create your FPGA at home, but the possibility of having errors of compatibility when taking off the peripherals, such as interfaces, LEDs, and switches, will always be shoddy at most. Take a look at http://www.directics.com/altera-fpga/.

Choice: suppliers provide you with a catalog from which you can choose different models according to the use you’re going to give to you FPGA and the budget you’ve set aside to acquire it. Rely on their experience and get informed about the different options available to you.

Warranty: the first point to take into consideration when manufacturing any device at home is if it’s really going to work properly or if all the effort and money spent on its production will be in vain. When you buy an FPGA from a supplier, you can rely on its quality thanks to the warranty certificate they provide you with.

Experience: if you decide to take the risk of manufacturing an FPGA at home, that’s for sure going to be your first time to create one of them. In contrast with to your little knowledge about the subject and your lack of experience, suppliers have thousands of hours of experience in manufacturing technological devices and, therefore, can guarantee you a product created by people who really know what they’re doing.

Speed: it’s obvious that if you’re reading this article is because you want an FPGA at home and you want it right now. The time that may pass between the moment in which you click to purchase your gate array and the moment in which you receive it at your door can’t be compared to the hours and the long days that you’ll spend manufacturing an item that you don’t know how well it’s going to work.


Despite the tempting impulse, you may feel about proudly exhibiting your own FPGA resulting from a DIY session, it’s a much better idea to prevent problems that surely will arise when trying to demonstrate skills nature hasn’t really kindly given you.

In other words, the best decision is to rely on the experience and the path renowned companies and brands have gone through along many years of hard work and investigation on the subject.