Why good work shoes are important for manual labour

Many times people will say that it is the suit that makes the man. This statement can be true in many cases, but some people do play close attention to the shoes someone is wearing. Whether the person looking at your shoes is a job interviewer or a close friend, you should know that your shoes affect the impression and the opinions that people have of you.

Job interviews and social events are important places to make the right impression. For example, if you were on a job interview of a construction company and you had on a shiny pair of dress shoes, you might not get the position. In this instance, a shiny pair of dress shoes may send the message that you are incompetent in the realm of construction work. Bottom line, dress the part for the role that you need to play.

That doesn’t mean that you can show up to a construction job interview looking messy and sloppy. You should still look nice: a pair of slack, a cotton button-down shirt, and some work boots (chaussures de sécurité)would be certainly appropriate. Likewise, if you showed up to an interview at a law firm, you would want to be wearing a suit with very nice dress shoes.

If you are going to a formal party or a party that is not going to be at a person’s house, you need to wear beautiful dress shoes. However, if the party is a pizza and beer party at a friend’s house, you wouldn’t want to wear dress shoes; tennis shoes or boots would probably work much better in this instance.

Many individuals might have the impression that you are a suck up if your outer appearance is spotless and perfect. Some people like this. Other people may like to know that a person isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and do some hard work. To determine what you should wear, you should always consider the audience and the purpose. If you are trying to get a job, then that is your purpose. If your interviewer is a construction company owner that is your audience, or the person you are trying to impress.

You should also be sure to take good care of your shoes. The process isn’t hard at all. In general, you will want to wipe down your shoes with a damp rag when you get home. Doing this every day will ensure the longevity of your shoe and will keep you from having to do major work to them.

Dress shoes need to be polished regularly after cleaning to maintain their shine. Work boots don’t need anything more than a good cleansing. They are designed to handle oil, chemicals, rough terrain, and other messes. This means that you can clean them very thoroughly without fear of damaging them.

Shoes for work are a little different than those for other jobs. They are more fragile and therefore require more care. Having the sole and back of the heel replaced on your shoe can lengthen the life of your shoe. But the most important thing that a woman can do is invest in not only good shoes but a lot of shoes. This keeps you from wearing any one pair too often, which diminished the wear and tear on them all and keeps you from having to spend money repairing.