What Are the Standard Window Sizes and Why Do They Exist

When you go to rearrange your house, then there are many things that come up which you ignored in the past. One of those things is the size of your windows. Most of the people forget or ignore the size of the windows of their house and then they face major issues when they have to overhaul it. You might think that measuring it with a measuring tape will solve the problem but it will not until you know the standard window sizes. Replacing the windows is very essential if you really want to enhance the looks of your house.

What Are The Standard Sizes Of Windows?

You should definitely know the standard window sizes in order to avoid unnecessary hassles. You will waste hours of usable time if you do not know the standard sizes of the windows. Companies use these sizes in order to maintain similarity in sizes. However, this system is not quite organized yet, as many small window manufacturers still use their own custom sizes. Those types of manufacturers end up confusing their customers, and it adversely affects the sales of windows.

The sizes go like this:

  1. (Opening Width: 24”, Opening Height: 36”) = 2030
  2. (Opening Width: 28”, Opening Height: 44″) = 2438
  3. (Opening Width: 32”, Opening Height: 48”)= 2840

The list goes in the same pattern. You should always remember these values when going to a store in order to buy window replacement.

Advantages of Standard Window Sizes

You get an abundant number of advantages from standard window sizes. Like you will easily get your windows replaced without any problems. All the major companies follow a standard window size; therefore, you will get high quality windows, which fit exactly in the available area. You also get to choose from dozens of differently designed windows. The main benefit that makes it more important is the similarity that you can achieve with having windows of a standard size.

Why Do Standard Window Sizes Exist?

The answer to this question is obvious, it provides many benefits, and there is no disadvantage of using it. Globally, there are fixed sizes for shoes, watches, shirts and other clothing, and this feature provides the buyer an ease of choosing the cloth or accessory that fits him or her best. The same goes for the window sizes; with some standard sizes on windows, you get the access of buying windows online. It is a very big benefit that can only be achieved with standard window sizes. Otherwise, you might get an inappropriate window for your house that does not fit on the area.

Overall, it can be said that standard windows are necessary for us and with the added advantages that it gets because of internet; it becomes impossible to ignore it. Now you should get your windows measured so that you can get them replaced according to their size.

Note: If your windows do not come in any standard size then you should contact a custom window maker nearby your location.