USPS change address checklist

Are you planning on relocating from your current location and you are worried about losing your mail? Worry no more, USPS is your friend in need. USPS is a US Agency that receives, delivers and processes mails in the United States of America.

To start, you will need to go to your local postal office and fill out a form requesting for change of address or alternatively visit the USPS website where you will find USPS change of address online form. This is a lot easier and saves time compared to visiting your local post office. Some of the information needed when filling out the online request include old address, new address, name or organization and the moving date. Learn more at

With all going on you might find this process of address change being tedious and more often than not leave out some very
important information. For that reason use the checklist below that will help you navigate through this process with a smile on your face.

USPS address change checklist

Decide on which service you want. Mails are categorized into different services called ‘classes’. Each class has different features which include presorting requirements, postage services and service levels. You
should choose a mail class that will satisfy your needs.

Create your mail order. The shape and size of your mail order will affect the charges you pay. Before you print your mail order, you must ensure your mail order is suitable for the class you desire. Resulting in your saving big.

Prepare an address list. A good address list is that which encompasses, knowledge of your audience and your message reaching that audience. If you don’t have an address list, you can rent, buy or even use software’s such as Anchor software with adheres to all USPS regulations or use BCC software which will also help you create a quality address list.

Confirm the accuracy of your checklist. This will help you confirm you have the correct addresses and all contacts are valid. Just because you rented or bought a checklist does not guarantee you that all the address are updated or even correct.

Address your mail. Upon confirming your address list, use it as a guide while addressing your mail. Include delivery addresses, return addresses and any other special addresses you may have. This will help avoid mis-reads of addresses which results to delay on delivery of the mails.

Choose a payment method. There is a Payment and Postage section in the request with 3 different ways of paying postage. Each postage method has its privileges. So, choose one that is more favorable to you.

Get a mailing permit. When you have a mailing permit, you are granted permission to use specific payment methods for both commercial and bulk mailing. Under each method of mailing payment, there are instructions on how to go about with getting the mailing permit.

Annual mailing payment. For bulk mailing, you are required to make payment for the annual mailing services. This payment is independent of all other mailing fees. Your annual mailing fee covers 365 days starting from the day you make payment.

Get essentials. The right mailing essential will greatly help your sorting and preparing mailing process. These essentials include trays for letters, container labels, tray lids, postage statement, labelling lists and also bundle labels.

Sort your mail. You should categorize your mail by zip code. This will make mailing easier and save postage cost. The savings get to you in form of commercial postage prices.