Tips on getting a social security card fast

Obtaining a new social security card can sound easy, but sometimes the process becomes lengthier than it should. The procedures for acquiring a card change too often. There is a bit of footwork involved. What can you do to speed up the process? Here are a few tips on getting a social security card fast through

1. Documents – Regardless of how you intend to file the SS-4 Form, make sure you have all the correct documentation required beforehand. Incorrect or missing documentation is the single biggest cause for delays in the processing of cards. You will need the following:
• Proof of citizenship. A US birth certificate or passport will meet this requirement
• Proof of age. Again, a passport will suffice, as will a birth certificate or baptism records.
• Proof of identity. To prove your identity, you may use a US driver’s license, school or military ID cards, and other such documents.

2. Acquisitions – Many people do not have passports. It is conceivable that many people will not have a certified copy of their original birth certificate either. Before starting the process of getting a social security card, order any documents that you need from the appropriate entities beforehand. State offices will provide certified copies of documents, like birth certificates, certificates of marriage, and so on. They will usually charge you a small fee as well. Hence, if you lost your birth certificate and were born in Washington, contact the state offices there.

3. Timing – If you decide to submit your SS-4 Form to the Social Security Office in person, besides taking the proper documentation with you, plan to go at times when the office is inclined to be less busy. Social Security checks, for example, are issued on the first, third, and fourth Wednesdays of each month. Those days are guaranteed to be busy. Be aware of holidays when the office is closed, and avoid submitting your form the two days prior and one day after holidays. Serious work may not get finished before days off, and people are reorganizing themselves on their return.

4. Get help – This is one of the easiest tips on getting your social security card fast. Simply hire a lawyer to do it for you. Several firms are willing to help individuals obtain a social security card. They can also provide advice about regulation changes and benefits. The drawback to hiring an attorney is just that. Their services cost money, and sometimes it’s big bucks. It cuts back on the time and hassle, but is it worth it?

5. Use the printer – Save a little time before going to the office, and print the forms yourself. That way, you can fill them out while at home, obtain the necessary familial information you might not know, and submit your forms the moment you walk into the social security office. Note that the forms do require data about both parents, including your mother’s maiden name, their correct first names (as opposed to nicknames), and their own social security numbers.

Fortunately, it doesn’t cost a dime for you to get a new social security card, and it’s important to have one. Having a card is necessary for getting a job, to apply for credit cards, and going to school. Now that you have these tips, use them to get your card fast.