The need for merchant services


Being able to process credit cards for payments as a business providing a product or a service is a necessity, Hence, this makes partnering with the merchant service provider of high importance, as this enables you to process payments made due to the services rendered by your business.


Fast Paced World

The world keeps changing daily, as innovations geared at making your life and the running of your business smoother keep manifesting. Years back, the option for a business to receive payment was just a gadget that enabled credit cards to be swiped, called credit card machine swipers. A lot has changed especially for ecommerce stores and transactions carried online, numerous merchant service providers for your business exist like QuickBook Payments, Stripe, PayPal. These merchant service providers iust require just a

smartphone or personal computer and an account with them in order to process your payments.


Another brilliant thing, is that these merchant service providers enable you to properly account for your payments by merging with your accounting systems, learn more at


The Right Merchant Service Provider

In choosing, the right merchant service provider for your business, there are a couple of things every business owner should have in mind, to avoid getting stuck with the wrong payment processor. Let’s have a look at some of them.


1. Length of time to process transaction

2. Applicable fees per transaction

3. The frequency with which you would use the service

4. Ensure Customer service responds quickly

5. Do your research properly about any company you decide you pick as your payment processor


Length of Time

Some merchant payment service providers take as long as a full week to process payments, so if you are in a business that requires you to have access to your customers funds immediately, you may want to avoid using such service providers.


Applicable Fees

Your service provider may decide to charge you per transaction along with a flat fee, and it is usually about 1 percent to 2 percent of the transaction amount, which is usually done in a situation where there are no monthly fees a agreed on in your partnership. If your business prefers to pay a monthly down payment and minimal transaction fee then such an offer is not for you, you would have to find a merchant service provider that offers monthly payments and minimal transaction fees.


Frequency of Use

In a situation where your business does not make daily sales, and you offer your services

on an on and off basis, the right merchant service provider for your business, would be one that offers its services on a per transaction basis and not monthly payments, as your business may end up losing out on that.


Customer Service

You need to be certain that your merchant service provider, responds promptly to your complains in case you may have a transaction glitch, you wouldn’t want your customers funds hanging.


Proper Research

This is one of the most vital aspects of choosing the right service provider for your business, ensure you thoroughly find out everything there is to know about a payment merchant before choosing them for your business. Check reviews from clients and the opinion of the general populace about their services rendered.


In conclusion, most payment merchants, offer free trials, you may want to try them first before fully committing your business transactions to them. Following these guidelines you would be certain to pick the right merchant service provider for your business.