Replacing your child’s lost social security card


The loss of an important document can become daunting on anyone. This especially on a parent , whose responsibility comes with so much obstacles day in and day out in ensuring that your household and family are well taken care of. In today’s crazy world the loss of any identification document could end up ruining the lives of those that matter to you dearly. However, losing your child’s social security card can prove to be not as daunting should you have the necessary documents to support your application. Learn more from¬†

Lets face it , in today’s world there aren’t enough hours in a day to
stand at your local social security office applying for a new card only to be
told that your documents are incorrect. This while still having to pull a 9
hour working day , fetch the kids from school and still have dinner ready
before tucking your little ones in bed , all to do it again the next day.
In this article we will alleviate your stress by guiding you on what to
know about applying for a lost social security card. Firstly, should your child be between the age of 12 – 18 the social services department may need them present for the application process.They can either bring their valid identification card, drivers licence or a valid US passport.¬† If your child is 12 years old and/or younger then they would need a parent/guardian present for the application. The child’s valid identification document would be needed, US citizenship and an immigration status should the child not be a US citizen. It is suggested that a birth certificate can be presented just to verify if any misinformation was done initially. It would also be vital to bring the parent’s valid ID and or supporting documents on the relationship/custody of the child – legal guardian court documents may be needed should the child be under your care.

The social services will only accept original documents or certified copies by the issuing agency.In the process of acquiring your supporting documents it may be a good idea to download the application forms from as this will save you lots of time.

Please be cautious not to apply or download from any sites that aren’t government approved e.g. You can also rest assured that should you or your child know the social security number, you may not need a replacement card due to the fact that often the number is requested on most applications that require it. Should an unforeseen circumstance have occurred and you do not have any form of identification for your child, there are various documents that may be used . The social services may accept a private medical insurance card,doctors letter, vaccination record from the health department, school enrollment records and a religious organisation record. However, these documents would require you to have the child’s name and date of birth on them, and would have to be signed and dated by the various department heads. NB: The social security card can only be issued after verification which could take up to 10 business days from receipt date.

With all this being said the process in itself may not be so strenuous after all. However, the importance of a social security number would ensure that your child has less difficulties in obtaining a work permit or it may enable them to receive federal or state government assistance in the future. The future of our kids lies in our responsibility in ensuring boxes areticked and i’s are dotted at all times. This here is just another article to give you a break in knowing that YOU are not alone .