Is your address important?


Your address is much more than just an indicator of where you live. It is an official record which utility companies, financial establishments, insurance providers and academic institutions can use to locate you or send important documents. Therefore, if you move from one place to another and change your address, it is important to make sure that you inform these stakeholders. You may have quite a number of organizations to inform if you change addresses. Therefore, doing so manually on your own can be tedious. Thankfully, there are companies for example,, which specialize in providing change of address services. They specifically find out all the stakeholders that you need to inform about your change. After that, they perform the correspondence for you. Here are some more Benefits of using a professional address change service.

Comprehensive notification of your associated companies and providers

A professional address change service normally has more than 1,000 different companies on their contact list. These companies include banks, credit unions, utilities providers,  insurance companies and even institutions of higher education. Therefore, they can quickly look up the ones that you work with and inform them of your change of address when you move. By helping you to accomplish this, the service is able to save you time and stress of making this correspondence on your own.

They help to find the most affordable utilities provider in your new address

A special amenity that is extended by a professional address change service is finding out the most affordable utilities in your new address. By doing so, they can help you to avoid getting stuck with the regular energy tariff that’s charged in your new location. By implementing a comparison analysis, they can discover the most affordable energy providers in your new area. This saves you time and money.

Eliminate junk mail from your address box

Sometimes, we get mail that we really do not need in our mailbox. This can be from businesses seeking your attention to insurance companies looking to offer you some policies. This unwanted post can clog up your mail box and draw attention away from what’s truly important. A professional address change service can stop the delivery ofjunk mail to your mailbox. They accomplish this by sending out notifications obliging the senders to stop. The service providers ask you to pick out the companies that you want to hear from. All the others are prevented from sending you any mail. This service is provided to save you the effort and time required for this endeavor.

They can manage tenancy details for you

A professional address change service can help to manage your personal tenancy details. Through an online dashboard, they can help you to you can control your gas, water, electricity and Local Council bills. By providing this service, they make it possible for you to stop your tenancy account in the old address and start a new one in your new location.


There are many Benefits of using a professional address change service. Some of these are indicated above. These advantages are able to save you time and in most cases, money as well. If you are planning to move, utilize the services of a professional address change company and you will not be disappointed.

Are You Wondering, “Why do people need r22 freon gone?” Read This!



Refrigerant gas is the main component that helps air conditioners to keep us cool. Many appliances and systems today make use of R22 Freon. This refrigerant gas is tremendously versatile and can be used in a variety of appliances and systems. The gas is compatible with mini-splits, central air conditioners, vehicle AC apparatus and heat pumps as well. It works by absorbing heat and removing it from a particular space. This refrigerant was commonly used for many decades. Recently, scientists and environmental researchers found that R22 Freon is actually a harmful greenhouse gas. As such, it leads to the depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer resulting in global warming. Read on to learn why do people need r22 freon gone from our environment, and also about alternatives such as

● Harmful effects of the gas

Thanks to its versatile nature, this gas has commercial and industrial applications. R22 Freon is a combination of many gases. These are hydrogen, carbon, fluorine and chlorine. As such, the gas is sometimes referred to using its chemical name, hydrochlorofluorocarbon 22.

After intense testing and assessment in the 1970’s, it was found that the gas is actually very harmful. It is potent in the gradual elimination of the Ozone Layer. As a result of its destructive nature, harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun are able to penetrate the layer and destroy our environment as well as pose health risks.

● Mitigation strategies against R22 Freon

In 1987, a special program was developed so as to regulate the use of this gas and eventual removal from the market. This was strategically supported by stakeholder agencies from the US and beyond. In particular, the program that was developed to get rid of the gas is known as the Montreal Protocol. The global phase-out of this gas began in 2010.

● How was the phase-out executed?

The first step of getting rid of this gas was to limit how much manufacturers such as DuPont could produce. This effectively got rid of 75% of the global supply of this gas. Despite the reduction, manufacturers could still recycle, reuse and reclaim R22. However, they could not use the refrigerant in new equipment. Therefore, if you have an air conditioning system or car AC which makes use of R22 refrigerant, you can still have it serviced and the refrigerant replaced. This is allowed until the 1st of January, 2020. After that date, the use or manufacture of this refrigerant gas in any capacity will cease completely.

● Alternative for R22 Freon

Seeing as this refrigerant has been deemed harmful and capable of depleting the Ozone Layer, manufacturers have come up with a safer option. This is a gas that’s known as R410A. It does not harm the environment, Ozone Layer and is safe for you to use. Manufacturers are already producing appliances and HVAC equipment that is compatible with this new gas.

● Conclusion

The Ozone Layer protects our world and its ecosystems. R22 Freon gas has been proved to be extremely harmful to this layer. As a result, directives have been made to eliminate its use commercially and industrially. The safer R410A is now being used. Make sure that you replace the R22 Freon refrigerant in your air conditioner with the new gas so as to be compliant and safe.

What do you need to know about Payment Processors?

As a trader, when it attains to online or e-commerce payment processing, what implies to you is whether or not your client can use his or her credit card. Because it is not your duty to demonstrate to your client why his or her card was rejected, this data is not forwarded to you. If a client requests to acknowledge the cause of the rejection, he or she should practice the customer care to get the proper information on the services do check out more from
Payment Processing, Part 1: Authorization
It’s essential to know authorization because, externally, you won’t be provided to get your client’s card for the amount – and that could propose lost deals. Authorization is the method of establishing whether your client’s card has enough credit to buy products or assistance from you, and also verifies whether the card is legitimate. You can receive authorizations via credit card device, or online website.
Authorization accompanies these actions. Frequently, this whole method occurs within a subject of moments:
1. Your consumer displays his or her card data to you to make a buy. This can occur in person, over the call or your client may access this data from your online site.
2. Next, you forward this message ahead (for example, in a card-present situation,  you swipe the card and write the amount, then forward this data to us).
3. It transmits your application to the card pay brand such as MasterCard or Visa.
4. From there, the amount brand forwards your application to the issuer (Bank) of your card.
5. The bank will accept or reject the transaction, and this reply is transmitted to the paid brand.
6. The payment brand transfers the reply to the user.
7. Once the user received the positive response from the bank, it will continue the process of payment, and the amount will be made within few moments. Some retailers, especially those with substantial regular sales quantities, can send various authorization applications grouped in a bunch once too many times every day, or over the call.
Payment Processing, Part 2: Settlement
You’ve obtained the deal. Depending on your market, your client has either left your storehouse, logged off your website or hung up the call and examines the sale ended. For you, notwithstanding, the deal is still in the process considering it must now be paid.
The settlement is the method of conducting e-payment activities, so they can profit and be financed. To make this result, you, as the retailer, must impersonate authorized card transactions to companies. We then present those authorized activities to the payment brands for making through the exchange. You may learn these activities assigned to as “deposit” activities.
This is how settlement operates:
1. You offer your purchase data to the company. For example, you utilize your point-of-sale equipment to trigger, or “group”, a settlement.
2. The company forwards your settlement application to Visa, MasterCard or the relevant payment brand for recognition with the cardholder’s originating bank.
3. The payment brand holds the settlement application and arranges two things:
4. Impressions a credit to the company so they can compensate you for the price of the completed transaction. The issuer then funds the company for the purchase.
5. Results a debit to the issuer to impose them for the ended transaction.
6. The issuer then publishes the trade to the client’s account. At the completion of the billing time, the issuer transfers your client his or her monthly report.
7. The cardholder accepts his or her card report and makes payment of those bills.
Payment Processing, Part 3: Funding
The funding method – when the company transfers payment into your bank account to pay you for buying processed – is actually an expansion of settlement, and sometimes the sessions “settlement” and “funding” are used mutually.
In order for the company to finance you as promptly as possible, you should be informed of deadlines and vacations that influence the funding method.

Searching for a great air gun

Purchasing the right air gun may be a hard nut to crack, especially if you are buying it for the first time and are not aware of the technical terms related to the air guns and have no specific model in mind to buy. But, even though you are not familiar to the terms related to technical specs of an ideal air gun, you can still buy a great gun just by keeping a few things in mind while going out for purchasing an air gun. For the readers’ sake, we are listing the best way to search for the best air gun for you. Let’s have a look at them.

Step 1: Be specific about the purpose of buying the air gun

Frankly speaking, the air guns are available in different models at outdoor empire, and all of them serve different purposes. So, it is essential for you as a buyer to know the exact reason why you are buying the gun. By knowing this, you can easily choose a perfect model for yourself. Make sure that whether you are purchasing the gun for plinking, hunting, or just for competing purposes. By doing this you can decide that what power the ideal air gun should have for you.

Step 2: Take the help of internet to get the available options you can buy

Once you have decided that why you need an air gun, the next step is to search for the available options. For this, the internet can be your best friend to search for the best available options. Search the internet for the best air guns for your purpose of purchasing the gun. Apart from having some brilliant options and links to buy them at a discounted price, you can also get a list of reasons why you should look at these options. These reasons may include some technical terms, dimensions, weight, and others.

Step 3: Read the online reviews of the product that you are planning to buy

Another important step that will help you choose a perfect air gun for yourself is to go through the online reviews on the internet that are laid out by the genuine users. By reading the reviews, you can get familiar with the pros, cons, and best things that the users liked about the air gun. This can eventually help you to save money that would have been wasted on buying a product that is not as per the expectations of the buyers.

Step 4: Compare them on different fronts like features, efficiency, and price

Once you have four-five guns according to your preferences, choose the best one according to the features, efficiency, price, and value for money. Make sure that the product you are planning to buy is worth enough for the price.

By following the above-listed procedure, you can certainly buy a perfect air gun for you at the best price. So, whether you are looking to upgrade your air gun with a new one, or buying it for the first time, follow the listed guide to get the best value for your money.

Can you apply for social security card online?

The question of the day. Can you apply for social security card online?

The Social Security department has all sorts of forms online, and you can file for a ton of different services online. But one of the few things you can not do is apply for social security card.

There are many good reasons for this. One reason is that they require proof of your age. There are several different ways you can prove what your age is, but none of them would be acceptable sending them through the internet. Proof of age can be verified by a US. hospital record stating the time of your birth, a religious document that states the day of your birth if it was made before you turned five (this is usually a baptism certificate), a passport, or final adoption decree showing that the date of birth was taken from the original birth certificate.

Anyone of these documents would work but they have to be the original document so you can’t just send a copy by fax or submit them online through

The next legal paper you need which has to be an original document is something stating your legal name. You have to provide evidence of your identity. They must be US. documents that show your legal name, date of birth, age, or parents names and/or a photograph or physical description – height, weight, hair color, eye color etc. Proof of identity that is accepted is a US. driver’s license, a US. issued non-driver identity card or U.S. passport.

If you don’t have any of these documents a US. military identity card, Certificate of Naturalization, employee identity card, or copy of medical records (clinic, doctor or hospital) or school identity card will be accepted. Next, you must prove you are a US. citizen. You can not get a US. social security card unless you are a US. citizen. So, proving you are a citizen cannot be done over the internet because you have to have original papers once again. Everything you need to prove who you are and when you were born must be original documents. So, proving you are a US. citizen, once again your birth certificate or passport comes in handy. You may also use Certificate of Citizenship, Consular Report of Birth, or Certificate of Naturalization.

If you are an immigrant and are applying for a card, be ready to supply more forms. You will need an unexpired current document given to you by the Department of Homeland Security stating your status. This will be form l-551, l-94, or l-766. International or exchange students may need these additional forms, l-20, 08-2019, or a letter authorizing employment from your school and employer. Form F-1 or J-1. You will get the card but only for non-work reasons and if you do work it will be reported to the DHS.

Now, there is a form that you can download online from You can print it out and then once you fill it out take all your documents to the Social Securityoffice where they will make copies and then give you your originals back to you.

So, your answer is NO, you definitely can not do this online.

Why you should never do SEO by yourself

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) is a discipline that intends to increase the visibility of a website on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. S.E.O could be as simple as ensuring that search engines understand your site by the way it has been structured. It can also range from the words you use on your website to the way other sites link to your website.

Every business or company website needs S.E.O from in order to generate traffic to the site and in turn make this traffic business prospects or clients.

S.E.O can be done by and individual or one can invest in an S.E.O professional to do the work for you. Most people may choose to do the S.E.O for their own website instead of incurring the cost of hiring someone to do the S.E.O for you. However, it is better to pay someone to do the work for you because:

You may be tempted to think that your website content will rank on search engines without having any on-page optimization. Great content on your website is very good for you but it will not do anything if you have not taken time to do on-page optimization.

Sometimes you may have a very busy schedule to write long content for your website. Well, this may affect your S.E.O rankings greatly. Too short content could mean that your website has very shallow content. It is therefore better to find someone who will dedicate their time to writing content for your site.

Again, your main focus is running your business and making money and you may not have time to think about how your website is doing in terms of SEQ. You may end up hurriedly adding content with the intention of increasing rankings, sharing broken links but instead make your rankings worse. However, if you have a professional who has the tie to sit down and craft content and test links to ensure that they work then you can focus fully on making money from your business.

Another reason not to do S.E.O on your own is because S.E.O services are many ranging from on-page S.E.O, S.E.O audit, link development and content development. You may not be very conversant with what exactly your website and end up wasting time and resources working on something that will not help your ranking. However, consulting a professional will help pin-point what exactly your website requires to increase your S.E.O rankings.

A professional can also help you carry out your S.E.O audit in more detail than you can. You may think that just because your website appears on the first page of Google then you are good, but there are many more factors to look at. An S.E.O specialist helps determine what works for you, what your competitors are doing to improve their rankings and how you can improve to maintain or get good rankings.

In conclusion, S.E.O has become a very essential part any business’s success and not knowing how to go about doing S.E.O can do a lot of harm for your business. For the reasons stated above, it is not advisable to do S.E.O by yourself.

The need for a water softener

So how is your bathroom experience? Are you having a hard time lathering your shampoo/soap? Have you recently found spots in most of your dishes? Is there a deeply imprinted ring on your bathtub or scale marks deposit on your coffee maker and electric kettle?

If you notice any of the above signs you should realize that you have been using hard water, a problem solvable by So what next… think of installing a water softening system?

The story, however, goes beyond purchasing and installing a water softener. If you want to win your battles against hard water you will need to buy an efficient water softener that will always give maximum service for a longer time.

Does Hard Water Pose Health Problems?

Using hard water for your daily cooking and drinking does not affect your health in any way. This appliance damaging water has its origin from the underground water reservoir like aquifers. Trapped in rocks for centuries this water absorbs natural minerals like copper, manganese, carbonate, and magnesium which give it these unwanted properties.

Why do you need a Water Softener?

An average person will definitely respond with an obvious answer. Most people install a water softening system just for the primary reason: lather soap/shampoo easily.

In reality, Water softeners go beyond their basic purpose and keep your water using appliances at top condition extending their life expectancy.

Think of the added ease when it comes to cleaning your dishes and clothes.

Statics from the United States geological data suggests that 85% of American homes are struggling with hard water-related problems.

With so many options of water softeners in the market sometimes it is hard to settle on one specific device. The puzzle becomes harder to solve if you have no experience with water softeners.

Just sit and relax… let us relieve the tedious job for you. The little time you will spend reading this article will save you some precious time you would have lost navigating the maze.

Read on to make a wise decision.

Specific Features to Look for

Size and features are the main things that differentiate one conventional device from another water softening device

When it comes to water softeners, unlike other home appliances, size and performance have no direct correlation.

Water softeners come in different sizes with each having a specified rating in terms of the grain of hardness it can get rid of within a generation.

So to buy a perfect water softener you will need one that is efficient for your water usage.

How do you do the math?

  • M=number of family members
  • 75=average gallons of water used by an adult on a daily basis
  • The rest is simple, multiply the number of family members with the constant (M*75=75M)

To determine the daily amount of water used in your home then multiply 75M with the number of grains per gallon. This will give you the capacity of the water softener you need for efficient supply.


Before you settle on any particular water softener you need to understand the features it offers. Evaluating the controls is also a very vital thing to look for. Try and understand how are the regeneration cycles controlled, the time span of each cycle and the amount of water and salt your softener needs to recharge.


1. Timer Controls

Based on your average usage most clock and electronic timers will automatically recharge after 24 hours. To avoid sodium and water wastage look for one that has a flexible timer control.

2. Softener DIR Controls

This is a more complex method that electronically detects when your device needs recharging. There are some water softeners that come with measuring meter to evaluate your average water usage then recharge when you hit the limit.

Consider a device with a DIR controls since they recharge only when necessary hence saves on salt and recharging water.

Buying Tips

1. Consider buying from a reputable company

2. If possible look for an NSF certification

The Real Value Of A Real Estate Agent

The Cost Of DIY Commercial Estate Valuation

 The internet is a great help in getting things done by yourself. Yet, some things are discluded from pursuing a matter thoroughly, there is also the barrage of conflicting information that plagues the search engine. The majority of people giving out advice on real estate are doing so objectively, not stating the whole scenario and legalities about what goes into the trade of property. Those that know keep it to themselves and make a handsome profit out of it. It’s not impossible to carry out a transaction in regards to the commercial estate on your own, but the risks are very high unless you’ve got property management near cincinnati ohio.

You may think you are winning and getting your money’ worth, but come to find a lot of loopholes once you let a real estate agent look over the prospect. Failure to notice the blind spots that come with property valuation based on self acquired information can lead you into estimating the price wrong or paying more than you really should. To avoid the loss of your hard-earned money:- Here’s what a real-real estate agent told us on why you need a real estate agent for your commercial real estate;

In-depth Knowledge Of The Market To Get The Real Deal

It is in the real estate agent’ job description to make sure you are buying at the right price. Their job is to show you demographical information of the market, especially of the evaluations they have taken of the property. The properties location, environment and other nearby facilities that surround the commercial property play a factor in estimating the correct value of the property effectively. You can overlook these. Another reason why you need an estate agent for your commercial property is to handle the negotiations, the real estate agent can use their statistical information with the data they collected from infield research they have conducted to bring down the price if you are buying- or raise it up to its rightful market value if you are selling

Legalities Of The Transaction

The most important use you get out of the real estate agent is the knowledge of the legalities that surround the whole transaction, from when you decide to take on this journey to its final destination. Commercial property has complex laws that adhere to it, you need to have an agent who is competent with the rules and regulations of this process to avoid getting hoodwinked or blindsided

Insight Into Real Estate

Real estate agents usually have a community of agents which they operate in, this is invaluable to you. The inside knowledge they gather from their circle can help you get access to better properties or help you improve the price of the one you want to sell. This allows you to adjust to the ever changing market. The market trends are very volatile and differ between residential and commercial property. For residential property, the MLI is accessible to both agents and buyers. The commercial information is more tricky to get, as it can require your agent to pay to access up-to-date information to help them evaluate the property better

When The Reality Of The Sale Sets In

The transaction goes smoothly without any interruptions at all, congratulations – you did it all on your own. You have acquired the commercial estate. Now there is a whole new level of responsibility you have to be accountable for, the after sales part of the process. How do you handle the tax assessments? what do you know about the legal documentation that comes with the property? What laws should you be wary of when you decide to hire contractors? How do you keep the municipality from knocking on your door about violations of commercial property clauses? This is why you need a real estate agent for the commercial real estate

Tips on getting a social security card fast

Obtaining a new social security card can sound easy, but sometimes the process becomes lengthier than it should. The procedures for acquiring a card change too often. There is a bit of footwork involved. What can you do to speed up the process? Here are a few tips on getting a social security card fast through

1. Documents – Regardless of how you intend to file the SS-4 Form, make sure you have all the correct documentation required beforehand. Incorrect or missing documentation is the single biggest cause for delays in the processing of cards. You will need the following:
• Proof of citizenship. A US birth certificate or passport will meet this requirement
• Proof of age. Again, a passport will suffice, as will a birth certificate or baptism records.
• Proof of identity. To prove your identity, you may use a US driver’s license, school or military ID cards, and other such documents.

2. Acquisitions – Many people do not have passports. It is conceivable that many people will not have a certified copy of their original birth certificate either. Before starting the process of getting a social security card, order any documents that you need from the appropriate entities beforehand. State offices will provide certified copies of documents, like birth certificates, certificates of marriage, and so on. They will usually charge you a small fee as well. Hence, if you lost your birth certificate and were born in Washington, contact the state offices there.

3. Timing – If you decide to submit your SS-4 Form to the Social Security Office in person, besides taking the proper documentation with you, plan to go at times when the office is inclined to be less busy. Social Security checks, for example, are issued on the first, third, and fourth Wednesdays of each month. Those days are guaranteed to be busy. Be aware of holidays when the office is closed, and avoid submitting your form the two days prior and one day after holidays. Serious work may not get finished before days off, and people are reorganizing themselves on their return.

4. Get help – This is one of the easiest tips on getting your social security card fast. Simply hire a lawyer to do it for you. Several firms are willing to help individuals obtain a social security card. They can also provide advice about regulation changes and benefits. The drawback to hiring an attorney is just that. Their services cost money, and sometimes it’s big bucks. It cuts back on the time and hassle, but is it worth it?

5. Use the printer – Save a little time before going to the office, and print the forms yourself. That way, you can fill them out while at home, obtain the necessary familial information you might not know, and submit your forms the moment you walk into the social security office. Note that the forms do require data about both parents, including your mother’s maiden name, their correct first names (as opposed to nicknames), and their own social security numbers.

Fortunately, it doesn’t cost a dime for you to get a new social security card, and it’s important to have one. Having a card is necessary for getting a job, to apply for credit cards, and going to school. Now that you have these tips, use them to get your card fast.

USPS change address checklist

Are you planning on relocating from your current location and you are worried about losing your mail? Worry no more, USPS is your friend in need. USPS is a US Agency that receives, delivers and processes mails in the United States of America.

To start, you will need to go to your local postal office and fill out a form requesting for change of address or alternatively visit the USPS website where you will find USPS change of address online form. This is a lot easier and saves time compared to visiting your local post office. Some of the information needed when filling out the online request include old address, new address, name or organization and the moving date. Learn more at

With all going on you might find this process of address change being tedious and more often than not leave out some very
important information. For that reason use the checklist below that will help you navigate through this process with a smile on your face.

USPS address change checklist

Decide on which service you want. Mails are categorized into different services called ‘classes’. Each class has different features which include presorting requirements, postage services and service levels. You
should choose a mail class that will satisfy your needs.

Create your mail order. The shape and size of your mail order will affect the charges you pay. Before you print your mail order, you must ensure your mail order is suitable for the class you desire. Resulting in your saving big.

Prepare an address list. A good address list is that which encompasses, knowledge of your audience and your message reaching that audience. If you don’t have an address list, you can rent, buy or even use software’s such as Anchor software with adheres to all USPS regulations or use BCC software which will also help you create a quality address list.

Confirm the accuracy of your checklist. This will help you confirm you have the correct addresses and all contacts are valid. Just because you rented or bought a checklist does not guarantee you that all the address are updated or even correct.

Address your mail. Upon confirming your address list, use it as a guide while addressing your mail. Include delivery addresses, return addresses and any other special addresses you may have. This will help avoid mis-reads of addresses which results to delay on delivery of the mails.

Choose a payment method. There is a Payment and Postage section in the request with 3 different ways of paying postage. Each postage method has its privileges. So, choose one that is more favorable to you.

Get a mailing permit. When you have a mailing permit, you are granted permission to use specific payment methods for both commercial and bulk mailing. Under each method of mailing payment, there are instructions on how to go about with getting the mailing permit.

Annual mailing payment. For bulk mailing, you are required to make payment for the annual mailing services. This payment is independent of all other mailing fees. Your annual mailing fee covers 365 days starting from the day you make payment.

Get essentials. The right mailing essential will greatly help your sorting and preparing mailing process. These essentials include trays for letters, container labels, tray lids, postage statement, labelling lists and also bundle labels.

Sort your mail. You should categorize your mail by zip code. This will make mailing easier and save postage cost. The savings get to you in form of commercial postage prices.