Letter Signs for Retail Stores

The bread and butter of retail depending on the foot traffic it can attract and then convert it to sales. The first point of interaction with a customer is visual, that first look, that first impression, that as they say is the last impression. Where would you rather go shopping? To a shop with a fluttering cloth banner announcing the sale or to the neat and clean store with a sparkling signage. The latter I’m guessing. As any business, the retail stores also need to attract prospective buyers and the sign on the front of the store can impact that in a big way.

The Signboards for retail stores come in many materials like wood, pylon, marble slabs or awnings but all these do not face the weather well. The best look and efficient performance are that of Channel letter Signs, which come in many types of designs and options. See the full range of options at https://atlanticsigncompany.com/cincinnati-channel-letter-signs/.


The most outstanding sign boards are made with the help of Channel Letters as these are artistic, beautiful, can be lit for night visibility and come in various shapes, sizes and colors and many different materials and can also, be customized to perfection for individual need and taste. There are many benefits of having a letter sign for your store.


Different kinds of lighting options- Standard

Channel letter or the Front lit channel letter is the most common type, where the letters are fabricated from a semi-opaque Acrylic and the letter contains lighting channels behind the letter which light up the letter face. A variety of this is the Reverse Channel letter in which the light seems to come from behind the letters. Then there is the Open Faced letter for LED lighting and a Non- illuminated channel letter sign where light is not needed. Also a Front and Reverse lighted Letter type where both front face and backlighting is used.

Come in a variety of materials- The letters themselves come in a vast variety of materials in all range of cost and with a great finish. There are the Plastic Building letters, generally to be used on the outside of a building. The Flat cut Acrylic letters for beautiful signs which do not dry and crack easily. Then there are the Metal letters of two variety-Flat-cut Metal Letters and the Cast-Metal Letters. Then there are Vinyl Letters. Depending on the need and place, where these letters are to be used one can choose either of these options.

Dependable and durable- The  Letter signs are very durable and last a long time and can be repaired easily. They are made of materials which are dependable and do not dry up, crack or fade under heat or light or rough weather conditions like rain or hail.

Can be customized to need- The best thing about Letter sign is the fact that they are fully customized to fulfill the requirements of each and every business as all stores are different. So one can choose the material of the letters, the size of the lettering, the width or 3D effect of letters. They can also choose the type of lighting for letters. The details like the Font of the letters and the colors of the letters truly make the Letter Sign the most versatile tool for a retail store to impress that first time customer to walk into the store. The sale is another matter of course!