Can you apply for social security card online?

The question of the day. Can you apply for social security card online?

The Social Security department has all sorts of forms online, and you can file for a ton of different services online. But one of the few things you can not do is apply for social security card.

There are many good reasons for this. One reason is that they require proof of your age. There are several different ways you can prove what your age is, but none of them would be acceptable sending them through the internet. Proof of age can be verified by a US. hospital record stating the time of your birth, a religious document that states the day of your birth if it was made before you turned five (this is usually a baptism certificate), a passport, or final adoption decree showing that the date of birth was taken from the original birth certificate.

Anyone of these documents would work but they have to be the original document so you can’t just send a copy by fax or submit them online through

The next legal paper you need which has to be an original document is something stating your legal name. You have to provide evidence of your identity. They must be US. documents that show your legal name, date of birth, age, or parents names and/or a photograph or physical description – height, weight, hair color, eye color etc. Proof of identity that is accepted is a US. driver’s license, a US. issued non-driver identity card or U.S. passport.

If you don’t have any of these documents a US. military identity card, Certificate of Naturalization, employee identity card, or copy of medical records (clinic, doctor or hospital) or school identity card will be accepted. Next, you must prove you are a US. citizen. You can not get a US. social security card unless you are a US. citizen. So, proving you are a citizen cannot be done over the internet because you have to have original papers once again. Everything you need to prove who you are and when you were born must be original documents. So, proving you are a US. citizen, once again your birth certificate or passport comes in handy. You may also use Certificate of Citizenship, Consular Report of Birth, or Certificate of Naturalization.

If you are an immigrant and are applying for a card, be ready to supply more forms. You will need an unexpired current document given to you by the Department of Homeland Security stating your status. This will be form l-551, l-94, or l-766. International or exchange students may need these additional forms, l-20, 08-2019, or a letter authorizing employment from your school and employer. Form F-1 or J-1. You will get the card but only for non-work reasons and if you do work it will be reported to the DHS.

Now, there is a form that you can download online from You can print it out and then once you fill it out take all your documents to the Social Securityoffice where they will make copies and then give you your originals back to you.

So, your answer is NO, you definitely can not do this online.

Why you should never do SEO by yourself

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) is a discipline that intends to increase the visibility of a website on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. S.E.O could be as simple as ensuring that search engines understand your site by the way it has been structured. It can also range from the words you use on your website to the way other sites link to your website.

Every business or company website needs S.E.O from in order to generate traffic to the site and in turn make this traffic business prospects or clients.

S.E.O can be done by and individual or one can invest in an S.E.O professional to do the work for you. Most people may choose to do the S.E.O for their own website instead of incurring the cost of hiring someone to do the S.E.O for you. However, it is better to pay someone to do the work for you because:

You may be tempted to think that your website content will rank on search engines without having any on-page optimization. Great content on your website is very good for you but it will not do anything if you have not taken time to do on-page optimization.

Sometimes you may have a very busy schedule to write long content for your website. Well, this may affect your S.E.O rankings greatly. Too short content could mean that your website has very shallow content. It is therefore better to find someone who will dedicate their time to writing content for your site.

Again, your main focus is running your business and making money and you may not have time to think about how your website is doing in terms of SEQ. You may end up hurriedly adding content with the intention of increasing rankings, sharing broken links but instead make your rankings worse. However, if you have a professional who has the tie to sit down and craft content and test links to ensure that they work then you can focus fully on making money from your business.

Another reason not to do S.E.O on your own is because S.E.O services are many ranging from on-page S.E.O, S.E.O audit, link development and content development. You may not be very conversant with what exactly your website and end up wasting time and resources working on something that will not help your ranking. However, consulting a professional will help pin-point what exactly your website requires to increase your S.E.O rankings.

A professional can also help you carry out your S.E.O audit in more detail than you can. You may think that just because your website appears on the first page of Google then you are good, but there are many more factors to look at. An S.E.O specialist helps determine what works for you, what your competitors are doing to improve their rankings and how you can improve to maintain or get good rankings.

In conclusion, S.E.O has become a very essential part any business’s success and not knowing how to go about doing S.E.O can do a lot of harm for your business. For the reasons stated above, it is not advisable to do S.E.O by yourself.

The need for a water softener

So how is your bathroom experience? Are you having a hard time lathering your shampoo/soap? Have you recently found spots in most of your dishes? Is there a deeply imprinted ring on your bathtub or scale marks deposit on your coffee maker and electric kettle?

If you notice any of the above signs you should realize that you have been using hard water, a problem solvable by So what next… think of installing a water softening system?

The story, however, goes beyond purchasing and installing a water softener. If you want to win your battles against hard water you will need to buy an efficient water softener that will always give maximum service for a longer time.

Does Hard Water Pose Health Problems?

Using hard water for your daily cooking and drinking does not affect your health in any way. This appliance damaging water has its origin from the underground water reservoir like aquifers. Trapped in rocks for centuries this water absorbs natural minerals like copper, manganese, carbonate, and magnesium which give it these unwanted properties.

Why do you need a Water Softener?

An average person will definitely respond with an obvious answer. Most people install a water softening system just for the primary reason: lather soap/shampoo easily.

In reality, Water softeners go beyond their basic purpose and keep your water using appliances at top condition extending their life expectancy.

Think of the added ease when it comes to cleaning your dishes and clothes.

Statics from the United States geological data suggests that 85% of American homes are struggling with hard water-related problems.

With so many options of water softeners in the market sometimes it is hard to settle on one specific device. The puzzle becomes harder to solve if you have no experience with water softeners.

Just sit and relax… let us relieve the tedious job for you. The little time you will spend reading this article will save you some precious time you would have lost navigating the maze.

Read on to make a wise decision.

Specific Features to Look for

Size and features are the main things that differentiate one conventional device from another water softening device

When it comes to water softeners, unlike other home appliances, size and performance have no direct correlation.

Water softeners come in different sizes with each having a specified rating in terms of the grain of hardness it can get rid of within a generation.

So to buy a perfect water softener you will need one that is efficient for your water usage.

How do you do the math?

  • M=number of family members
  • 75=average gallons of water used by an adult on a daily basis
  • The rest is simple, multiply the number of family members with the constant (M*75=75M)

To determine the daily amount of water used in your home then multiply 75M with the number of grains per gallon. This will give you the capacity of the water softener you need for efficient supply.


Before you settle on any particular water softener you need to understand the features it offers. Evaluating the controls is also a very vital thing to look for. Try and understand how are the regeneration cycles controlled, the time span of each cycle and the amount of water and salt your softener needs to recharge.


1. Timer Controls

Based on your average usage most clock and electronic timers will automatically recharge after 24 hours. To avoid sodium and water wastage look for one that has a flexible timer control.

2. Softener DIR Controls

This is a more complex method that electronically detects when your device needs recharging. There are some water softeners that come with measuring meter to evaluate your average water usage then recharge when you hit the limit.

Consider a device with a DIR controls since they recharge only when necessary hence saves on salt and recharging water.

Buying Tips

1. Consider buying from a reputable company

2. If possible look for an NSF certification

The Real Value Of A Real Estate Agent

The Cost Of DIY Commercial Estate Valuation

 The internet is a great help in getting things done by yourself. Yet, some things are discluded from pursuing a matter thoroughly, there is also the barrage of conflicting information that plagues the search engine. The majority of people giving out advice on real estate are doing so objectively, not stating the whole scenario and legalities about what goes into the trade of property. Those that know keep it to themselves and make a handsome profit out of it. It’s not impossible to carry out a transaction in regards to the commercial estate on your own, but the risks are very high unless you’ve got property management near cincinnati ohio.

You may think you are winning and getting your money’ worth, but come to find a lot of loopholes once you let a real estate agent look over the prospect. Failure to notice the blind spots that come with property valuation based on self acquired information can lead you into estimating the price wrong or paying more than you really should. To avoid the loss of your hard-earned money:- Here’s what a real-real estate agent told us on why you need a real estate agent for your commercial real estate;

In-depth Knowledge Of The Market To Get The Real Deal

It is in the real estate agent’ job description to make sure you are buying at the right price. Their job is to show you demographical information of the market, especially of the evaluations they have taken of the property. The properties location, environment and other nearby facilities that surround the commercial property play a factor in estimating the correct value of the property effectively. You can overlook these. Another reason why you need an estate agent for your commercial property is to handle the negotiations, the real estate agent can use their statistical information with the data they collected from infield research they have conducted to bring down the price if you are buying- or raise it up to its rightful market value if you are selling

Legalities Of The Transaction

The most important use you get out of the real estate agent is the knowledge of the legalities that surround the whole transaction, from when you decide to take on this journey to its final destination. Commercial property has complex laws that adhere to it, you need to have an agent who is competent with the rules and regulations of this process to avoid getting hoodwinked or blindsided

Insight Into Real Estate

Real estate agents usually have a community of agents which they operate in, this is invaluable to you. The inside knowledge they gather from their circle can help you get access to better properties or help you improve the price of the one you want to sell. This allows you to adjust to the ever changing market. The market trends are very volatile and differ between residential and commercial property. For residential property, the MLI is accessible to both agents and buyers. The commercial information is more tricky to get, as it can require your agent to pay to access up-to-date information to help them evaluate the property better

When The Reality Of The Sale Sets In

The transaction goes smoothly without any interruptions at all, congratulations – you did it all on your own. You have acquired the commercial estate. Now there is a whole new level of responsibility you have to be accountable for, the after sales part of the process. How do you handle the tax assessments? what do you know about the legal documentation that comes with the property? What laws should you be wary of when you decide to hire contractors? How do you keep the municipality from knocking on your door about violations of commercial property clauses? This is why you need a real estate agent for the commercial real estate

Tips on getting a social security card fast

Obtaining a new social security card can sound easy, but sometimes the process becomes lengthier than it should. The procedures for acquiring a card change too often. There is a bit of footwork involved. What can you do to speed up the process? Here are a few tips on getting a social security card fast through

1. Documents – Regardless of how you intend to file the SS-4 Form, make sure you have all the correct documentation required beforehand. Incorrect or missing documentation is the single biggest cause for delays in the processing of cards. You will need the following:
• Proof of citizenship. A US birth certificate or passport will meet this requirement
• Proof of age. Again, a passport will suffice, as will a birth certificate or baptism records.
• Proof of identity. To prove your identity, you may use a US driver’s license, school or military ID cards, and other such documents.

2. Acquisitions – Many people do not have passports. It is conceivable that many people will not have a certified copy of their original birth certificate either. Before starting the process of getting a social security card, order any documents that you need from the appropriate entities beforehand. State offices will provide certified copies of documents, like birth certificates, certificates of marriage, and so on. They will usually charge you a small fee as well. Hence, if you lost your birth certificate and were born in Washington, contact the state offices there.

3. Timing – If you decide to submit your SS-4 Form to the Social Security Office in person, besides taking the proper documentation with you, plan to go at times when the office is inclined to be less busy. Social Security checks, for example, are issued on the first, third, and fourth Wednesdays of each month. Those days are guaranteed to be busy. Be aware of holidays when the office is closed, and avoid submitting your form the two days prior and one day after holidays. Serious work may not get finished before days off, and people are reorganizing themselves on their return.

4. Get help – This is one of the easiest tips on getting your social security card fast. Simply hire a lawyer to do it for you. Several firms are willing to help individuals obtain a social security card. They can also provide advice about regulation changes and benefits. The drawback to hiring an attorney is just that. Their services cost money, and sometimes it’s big bucks. It cuts back on the time and hassle, but is it worth it?

5. Use the printer – Save a little time before going to the office, and print the forms yourself. That way, you can fill them out while at home, obtain the necessary familial information you might not know, and submit your forms the moment you walk into the social security office. Note that the forms do require data about both parents, including your mother’s maiden name, their correct first names (as opposed to nicknames), and their own social security numbers.

Fortunately, it doesn’t cost a dime for you to get a new social security card, and it’s important to have one. Having a card is necessary for getting a job, to apply for credit cards, and going to school. Now that you have these tips, use them to get your card fast.

USPS change address checklist

Are you planning on relocating from your current location and you are worried about losing your mail? Worry no more, USPS is your friend in need. USPS is a US Agency that receives, delivers and processes mails in the United States of America.

To start, you will need to go to your local postal office and fill out a form requesting for change of address or alternatively visit the USPS website where you will find USPS change of address online form. This is a lot easier and saves time compared to visiting your local post office. Some of the information needed when filling out the online request include old address, new address, name or organization and the moving date. Learn more at

With all going on you might find this process of address change being tedious and more often than not leave out some very
important information. For that reason use the checklist below that will help you navigate through this process with a smile on your face.

USPS address change checklist

Decide on which service you want. Mails are categorized into different services called ‘classes’. Each class has different features which include presorting requirements, postage services and service levels. You
should choose a mail class that will satisfy your needs.

Create your mail order. The shape and size of your mail order will affect the charges you pay. Before you print your mail order, you must ensure your mail order is suitable for the class you desire. Resulting in your saving big.

Prepare an address list. A good address list is that which encompasses, knowledge of your audience and your message reaching that audience. If you don’t have an address list, you can rent, buy or even use software’s such as Anchor software with adheres to all USPS regulations or use BCC software which will also help you create a quality address list.

Confirm the accuracy of your checklist. This will help you confirm you have the correct addresses and all contacts are valid. Just because you rented or bought a checklist does not guarantee you that all the address are updated or even correct.

Address your mail. Upon confirming your address list, use it as a guide while addressing your mail. Include delivery addresses, return addresses and any other special addresses you may have. This will help avoid mis-reads of addresses which results to delay on delivery of the mails.

Choose a payment method. There is a Payment and Postage section in the request with 3 different ways of paying postage. Each postage method has its privileges. So, choose one that is more favorable to you.

Get a mailing permit. When you have a mailing permit, you are granted permission to use specific payment methods for both commercial and bulk mailing. Under each method of mailing payment, there are instructions on how to go about with getting the mailing permit.

Annual mailing payment. For bulk mailing, you are required to make payment for the annual mailing services. This payment is independent of all other mailing fees. Your annual mailing fee covers 365 days starting from the day you make payment.

Get essentials. The right mailing essential will greatly help your sorting and preparing mailing process. These essentials include trays for letters, container labels, tray lids, postage statement, labelling lists and also bundle labels.

Sort your mail. You should categorize your mail by zip code. This will make mailing easier and save postage cost. The savings get to you in form of commercial postage prices.

Why you should buy a cordless beard trimmer

At one point in time, both men and women have to deal with shaving. This comes as a necessity because of various people prefer different grooming strategies. There are several factors that determine how a person grooms themselves these factors include: the profession of the person the current style in fashion  and also the preferences of their spouses.when choosing a way to trim your beard or hair, there are two choices a person has:going to the barber or trimming the beard at home. For those who decide to trim their beards at home, they have to make a decision between using a corded and a cordless beard trimmer – we recommend

The main difference between the corded and the cordless beard trimmer
is obviously the presence of a cord connected to the power source and
then permanently linked to the base the corded beard trimmer whereas the cordless beard trimmer can be connected to a charging port because it has an inbuilt battery. Boss the cordless and the corded beard trimmer have its pros and cons.

Clearly the biggest advantage when it comes to cordless trimmers if the fact that you can use it at any location whether or not there is a power connection. these places include: the when you are running late for work, whilst camping and many other places that do not have power connection this dreamer comes as an advantage to people were always traveling or when you decide to go on a vacation or even as a backup plan when you have to go away from home.

The people at home should also not settle for corded trimmers this is because when using the corded trimmer they have to stay in one location while shaving most likely in front of the mirror but when they’re using the cordless trimmer they can move around the bathroom and do other activities while shaving.

When people shaving in the bathroom they mostly want to do it in a place where they won’t cause a mess or where they’ll have it easy to clean. Mostly this is in the bathtub, having an electronic device in the bathtub that is connected to the power source can lead to an accident where the user is electrocuted however when using the cordless trimmer, most of the cordless trimmers in the market are waterproof. This ensures the safety of the person using the cordless trimmer.

Arguably most people use the cordless trimmer because they do not have proper or reliable access to a power source. A good example of such people are the researchers who go to the woods to carry out their research and also  the people who travel and go on vacations regularly. However the cordless trimmers and not only reserved for such people because one can never know when they want to have access to electricity maybe due to an outage. Currently most of the cordless trimmers in the market have a long lasting battery that’s proving to be handy for such people.

Every person has an experience or two about tangled cords. Corded trimmers are also not spared from this problem. When trying to have in a hurry the cable connected to the power source might get tangled, why not cautious this might cause you an injury however for cordless trimmers the tangling it’s not a problem because the only time it is connected to power its when its not being used in the process of being charged.

From the illustrations above it is thereby clear that a person who intends to use a trimmer to shave should consider using a cordless trimmer to a corded trimmer because of its efficiency and safety while being used not forgetting its portability.

The importance of getting a credit card processor that allows CBD & Hemp

Although the use of marijuana is illegal, the use of CBD & hemp oil obtained from marijuana is legal. It is very popular worldwide as it provides medical benefits for both humans and animals. It can help in the treatment of cancer and depression. Despite its benefits, it is considered a risky proposition as it extracted from a federally prohibted substance. Therefore, it is not easy to find a credit card payment processor that allows CBD & hemp transactions, unless you are referring to

But it would be beneficial for retailers to find a credit card payment processor that allows CBD and hemp transactions. CBD & hemp oil is also useful for being excellent sources of zinc, vitamins, and antioxidants. CBD and hemp oil helps to reduce weight, improve nervous system and maintain hormonal balance in the body. It also helps to improve immunity.

The pets can take advantage of compounds from CBD and hemp oil who help to improve skill, prevents fur loss and provide relief from the joint pain. The retailers should also be afraid of cash transactions as that would make their businesses prone to thefts and robberies.

In order to overcome the problem of restricted payment options, many financial services are providing the facility for CBD merchant accounts. While most credit card processors are still wary of federal regulations on marijuana, few companies do specialize in handling risky transactions. Not only will they help in opening a merchant account that allows transactions in CBD and hemp, the would also provide business and legal advisory. Many of them would try to find a way to avoid VISA and MasterCard and provide for merchant accounts with accepts credit cards payments without the involvement of these two financial services.

There are plenty of credit card processors who might suggest illegal ways to take advantage of this lucrative business. They might try to use fake merchant ids or camouflage CBD and oil business with other ones. Some might also look for offshore accounts and try to route all transactions bypassing federal laws. This would allow other business owners and hackers to take control and would also invite scrutiny by federal regulators. It would be advisable for CBD and hemp retailers to look for credit card processors which have completed legal diligence before dealing with risky transactions.

It is also not advisable for CBD and hemp retailers to work with credit card processors that allows one kind of credit card as this would easily restrict business options and leave customers unhappy. It is for customers to decide a suitable payment option. If a merchant account service is providing Paypal and check processing services with credit card processors, then it would be the best options for a CBD and hemp retailer.
As the use of medical marijuana is allowed in different countries, a credit processor should be compliant with laws of such countries and allows for speedy transactions 24/7. CBD and hemp business is in billions and is bound to grow with increasing awareness about benefits of medical marijuana. It is expected that all major credit card processors would be on board in next few years.

Letter Signs for Retail Stores

The bread and butter of retail depending on the foot traffic it can attract and then convert it to sales. The first point of interaction with a customer is visual, that first look, that first impression, that as they say is the last impression. Where would you rather go shopping? To a shop with a fluttering cloth banner announcing the sale or to the neat and clean store with a sparkling signage. The latter I’m guessing. As any business, the retail stores also need to attract prospective buyers and the sign on the front of the store can impact that in a big way.

The Signboards for retail stores come in many materials like wood, pylon, marble slabs or awnings but all these do not face the weather well. The best look and efficient performance are that of Channel letter Signs, which come in many types of designs and options. See the full range of options at


The most outstanding sign boards are made with the help of Channel Letters as these are artistic, beautiful, can be lit for night visibility and come in various shapes, sizes and colors and many different materials and can also, be customized to perfection for individual need and taste. There are many benefits of having a letter sign for your store.


Different kinds of lighting options- Standard

Channel letter or the Front lit channel letter is the most common type, where the letters are fabricated from a semi-opaque Acrylic and the letter contains lighting channels behind the letter which light up the letter face. A variety of this is the Reverse Channel letter in which the light seems to come from behind the letters. Then there is the Open Faced letter for LED lighting and a Non- illuminated channel letter sign where light is not needed. Also a Front and Reverse lighted Letter type where both front face and backlighting is used.

Come in a variety of materials- The letters themselves come in a vast variety of materials in all range of cost and with a great finish. There are the Plastic Building letters, generally to be used on the outside of a building. The Flat cut Acrylic letters for beautiful signs which do not dry and crack easily. Then there are the Metal letters of two variety-Flat-cut Metal Letters and the Cast-Metal Letters. Then there are Vinyl Letters. Depending on the need and place, where these letters are to be used one can choose either of these options.

Dependable and durable- The  Letter signs are very durable and last a long time and can be repaired easily. They are made of materials which are dependable and do not dry up, crack or fade under heat or light or rough weather conditions like rain or hail.

Can be customized to need- The best thing about Letter sign is the fact that they are fully customized to fulfill the requirements of each and every business as all stores are different. So one can choose the material of the letters, the size of the lettering, the width or 3D effect of letters. They can also choose the type of lighting for letters. The details like the Font of the letters and the colors of the letters truly make the Letter Sign the most versatile tool for a retail store to impress that first time customer to walk into the store. The sale is another matter of course!

Why you need R22 Refrigerant


To make our homes and offices more comfortable, we use air conditioning (AC) systems. They keep us cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. These systems require various components to work properly. One of these is R22 refrigerant. Also known as Freon 22, it is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) which keeps your home or office cool in the warm season. Available as a fluid, R22 boils at -40.8 degrees Celsius. As such, it has a very low boiling point that makes it ideal for this purpose. This is one of the many reasons why you need this component in your air conditioning system. Read on to learn more about why you need R22 REFRIGERANT at

Reasons why R22 refrigerant is good for your air conditioning (AC) system

– It is safe and versatile

R22 refrigerant is not flammable and also not toxic. For these reasons, it is safe for use. You can handle it to fill up a brand new air conditioning system. It can also be added to top off an existing one with no risks involved.

This refrigerant can be used in a variety of air conditioning (AC) systems. It is fully compatible with packaged, window and split AC systems. You are most likely using one of these types of AC systems. Therefore, you can add some R22 refrigerant to yours with no risk of destroying the equipment.

– It keeps your AC system cool

This refrigerant has a very high discharge temperature. As such, the chances that a superheat will occur in an AC system using this fluid is minimal. This ensures that you are safe and also increases the lifespan of your system.

– R22 absorbs water readily

This refrigerant is capable of absorbing moisture quite quickly. It can actively perform as a dehumidifier. As such, it provides a double-edged solution when conditioning the air in your house. Moreover, the ability to
readily absorb water makes R22 increase the efficiency of your AC system in low temperature seasons. Furthermore, the refrigerant keeps your system free of moisture hence preventing any damage or malfunction.

– It is compatible with legacy systems

Developed nations are gradually phasing out R22 to replace it with alternative refrigerants such as R-507 and R-407c. Despite this effort, R22 is still highly effective when used in old AC systems. It is also applicable in
dry-charge AC units. This compatibility makes the fluid versatile and compatible with legacy AC systems.

– It has a low compression displacement

One of the technical aspects of an air conditioning (AC) system is the compressor displacement. It determines the cooling effect of the system. The higher it is, the more efficient the AC system will be. R22 is
able to provide a higher compressor displacement with less fluid. As a result, this refrigerant boosts the cooling ability of your system. It also reduces the amount of power that your AC consumes. This saves you money in utility bills.


From the reasons above about Why you need R22 REFRIGERANT, it is clear that this fluid is good for your AC system. Not only does it boost the efficiency of your system, it reduces the cost of operation and increases
its life span. From all the varieties available in the market, R22 is the refrigerant to pick.