Bed & Breakfast

A B&B or a Bed & Breakfast is an establishment that offers breakfast along with the facility for lodging. These Bed & Breakfast establishments are small and are mostly owned by individual families. These establishments have on an average six rooms for the breakfast has to be provided for all the residents. Occasionally these B&B establishments may have as less as four or even a dozen rooms.
Traditionally, such B&B establishments have private and separate bedrooms with attached bathrooms for the guests. Sometimes these B&B homes accommodate their guests in separate bedrooms but with common bathrooms. All the guests share these bathrooms. The breakfast may be served in a separate dining room or a spacious kitchen or even in the private bedrooms.

Most of these B&B homes are in operation so that the owners may supplement their income with a secondary source, though some of these guesthouses do operate as a primary enterprise. The owners themselves prepare the breakfast and maintain the rooms, but in some of these homes, there are hired personnel who handle the cooking of breakfast and maintaining the upkeep of the rooms. Such B&B homes with hired staff are very rarely found unless the owners are operating multiple B&B homes.

Nowadays people have a variety of locations and facilities to choose from when traveling. When on vacation, they can choose to stay in a motel, rustic hotel, in a bucolic resort, or even in a Bread and Breakfast home. Though the choice is mostly for these B&B homes – your home away from home.

These B&B homes (such as the best B&B in South Wales) are mostly situated in historic and elegant residences and are target the fantasy of living in another era. Many of these guesthouses have been charmingly redecorated and refurbished to meet the challenges of modern living but keeping the old rustic atmosphere intact. Such an ambiance in the homes carries an invitation for the guests to venture into a time in the past. There is also peace and tranquility in such B&B homes which are a panacea for the modern city dweller.

The owners of the B&B guest homes, who are permanently in residence, provide a lot of pampering and affectionate service. They have their recommendations as to the local sights to visit, with providing a glass of sherry or the afternoon tea will help arrange for reservations for lunch or dinner and also with the preparation of a sumptuous homemade breakfast. The clientele is mostly couples or families most of them well educated and with money to spare. Some of them may be tourists come to see the local attractions or to celebrate a special occasion like a honeymoon or an anniversary. They find these B&B homes a cozy, private place and prefer to stay here rather in some five-star hotels.

Some of the B&B guesthouses are operating in a niche market like the floating B&Bs. These types of floating homes are operating on the houseboats or small boats where they offer breakfast along with a sleeping facility. In some instances, the quarters for the keeper of the lighthouse have been converted into a B&B operation after the lighthouse has been either discontinued or been automated.
The inimitable and exclusive features distinguishing a B&B home from the traditional hotels are the primary causes in the selection of the option for your lodging. There are features like quaintness, charm, atmosphere, and ambiance, are often associated with such B&B establishments. There is also the intangible getaway allure for frequent, much shorter trips much preferred by families with dual incomes.