Are You Wondering, “Why do people need r22 freon gone?” Read This!



Refrigerant gas is the main component that helps air conditioners to keep us cool. Many appliances and systems today make use of R22 Freon. This refrigerant gas is tremendously versatile and can be used in a variety of appliances and systems. The gas is compatible with mini-splits, central air conditioners, vehicle AC apparatus and heat pumps as well. It works by absorbing heat and removing it from a particular space. This refrigerant was commonly used for many decades. Recently, scientists and environmental researchers found that R22 Freon is actually a harmful greenhouse gas. As such, it leads to the depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer resulting in global warming. Read on to learn why do people need r22 freon gone from our environment, and also about alternatives such as

● Harmful effects of the gas

Thanks to its versatile nature, this gas has commercial and industrial applications. R22 Freon is a combination of many gases. These are hydrogen, carbon, fluorine and chlorine. As such, the gas is sometimes referred to using its chemical name, hydrochlorofluorocarbon 22.

After intense testing and assessment in the 1970’s, it was found that the gas is actually very harmful. It is potent in the gradual elimination of the Ozone Layer. As a result of its destructive nature, harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun are able to penetrate the layer and destroy our environment as well as pose health risks.

● Mitigation strategies against R22 Freon

In 1987, a special program was developed so as to regulate the use of this gas and eventual removal from the market. This was strategically supported by stakeholder agencies from the US and beyond. In particular, the program that was developed to get rid of the gas is known as the Montreal Protocol. The global phase-out of this gas began in 2010.

● How was the phase-out executed?

The first step of getting rid of this gas was to limit how much manufacturers such as DuPont could produce. This effectively got rid of 75% of the global supply of this gas. Despite the reduction, manufacturers could still recycle, reuse and reclaim R22. However, they could not use the refrigerant in new equipment. Therefore, if you have an air conditioning system or car AC which makes use of R22 refrigerant, you can still have it serviced and the refrigerant replaced. This is allowed until the 1st of January, 2020. After that date, the use or manufacture of this refrigerant gas in any capacity will cease completely.

● Alternative for R22 Freon

Seeing as this refrigerant has been deemed harmful and capable of depleting the Ozone Layer, manufacturers have come up with a safer option. This is a gas that’s known as R410A. It does not harm the environment, Ozone Layer and is safe for you to use. Manufacturers are already producing appliances and HVAC equipment that is compatible with this new gas.

● Conclusion

The Ozone Layer protects our world and its ecosystems. R22 Freon gas has been proved to be extremely harmful to this layer. As a result, directives have been made to eliminate its use commercially and industrially. The safer R410A is now being used. Make sure that you replace the R22 Freon refrigerant in your air conditioner with the new gas so as to be compliant and safe.